1.) Puerto Seco Beach (10 minute walk) is a wonderful white sand beach (one of the best in Jamaica). If you prefer a more active approach to going to the beach, scuba diving and various water sports are available.  Puerto Seco was recently renovated and re-opened and is slated to feature new attractions, including a dolphin cove.

2.) Columbus Park (30 minute walk) is a must-go spot for any history buff or anyone who wants to learn about the history of Jamaica. Due to its countless artifacts, breathtaking views, and even a park with a waterslide - for the children who have a more active attitude - this museum is an obligatory visit.

3.) The Jamaican Submarine Tour (10 minute walk) allows for comfortable exploration of the undersea side of discovery bay. Our local hosts can often set you up with a better deal than might be available through other channels, so please reach out to us on this one if you are interested.

1.) Green Grotto Caves (4 minute drive) is full immersion into some of Jamaica’s most raw and untouched history (and of course where the James Bond film Live and Let Die was filmed). At over 1,500 meters long, you’ll have more than enough space to venture through. With thick flora and crystal clear waters to admire while exploring, the caves are a must on any Jamaican vacation itinerary. 

2.) Joe James Gallery, Hotel, and Lobster Bowl (10 minute drive) is located in Rio Bueno. Although Joe has passed on, his unique work is still on display all over the property and the lobster is excellent.

3.) Runaway Bay (13 minute drive) is a somewhat secluded town, good for those who prefer a quiet trip rather than one filled with passing cruise ships and other tourists. Despite the isolated nature of it, there are some attractions that music lovers and all other walks of life will probably enjoy.

4.) The Luminous Lagoon (25 minute drive) is located halfway between Discovery Bay and Montego Bay. As the name suggests, it’s best visited at night, when the light from the bioluminescent microorganisms can be seen. Although it’s sometimes crowded with tour boats, the luminous lagoon itself is a unique experience that is enjoyable for just about everyone, from those who just want to observe and take pictures to those who want to swim in the water.

5.) Dunn’s River Falls (34 minute drive). Located just outside touristy Ocho Rios, Dunn’s River Falls are an impressive 600 feet of unique formations and cascading water. While they are frequently quite crowded, they’re worth the crowds and the 30 minute scenic drive.

6.) The mouth of the White River (45 minute drive) is located just east of Ocho Rios. Beautiful in its own rite, the White River is also a popular tubing destination.

7.) The Cool Blue Hole (54 minute drive) is a highlight for thrill seekers and people who like stunning outdoor beaty. It’s incredible blue color combined with cliff jumping and rope swinging opportunities are hard to match. Just be sure to check for seasonal bacteria counts/report and the swimming ability of guests who plan to jump/swim in the hole.